ReThink London is excited to begin the next round of public engagement with the official launch of the Draft of The London Plan!

Check Out the new website ( An interactive place to explore and engage with the draft of the new Plan and learn about the future of our City!

The new website includes:

  • The ability to comment on all paragraphs of the Plan.
  • An interactive map where you can leave comments regarding Place Types on your property, in your neighbourhood and beyond.
  • Access to multiple short videos offering an overview of each section of the Plan.
  • The ability to download a PFD of the entire Plan or select sections of the Plan.



Looking to view a hard copy of the draft of The London Plan?

Copies of the Plan are available at the following locations:

  • All City of London Library branches
  • Kiwanis Seniors’ Community Centre
  • Planning Services, 206 Dundas Street
  •  City Hall: Concierge desk, 1st floor City Clerks, 3rd floor Development Services, 6th Floor

Looking to own a hard copy of the draft of The London Plan?

Please email for the opportunity to purchase your own copy.

The price per copy is $40 (including taxes, cash or check only) and is only available by pick-up.


Take a look through the Plan, we want to hear from you. The website is the primary tool for engagement however there are many ways for you to let us know your thought on the Plan.
You can email, mail, call in, or fax your comments to:
ReThink London
c/o City of London Planning Division
P.O. Box 5035
London, ON  N6A 4L9
Tel: 519-661-4980
Fax: 519-661-5397

Watch for public events related to The London Plan in June and look for us at various festivals and events throughout the summer.

Be sure to use #ldnplan when you tweet about the plan in order to continue the conversation with other Londoners. You can follow us on Twitter - @ReThinkLdn and like us on Facebook - ReThink London.