Draft Downtown Master Plan - Community Engagement Survey

For those who were unable to attend the October 16th community engagement session regarding the draft Downtown Master Plan, an online survey has been created to gather further input. Click the link below in order to take part in the survey. Please note the survey response deadline is Friday November 1st, 2013. 


The purpose of this survey is to gauge public interest and receive comments on elements of the draft Downtown Master Plan. This Survey has been prepared in two parts to align with the format used at the public consultation event that took place on October 16th, 2013 at the London Convention Centre. In this way, this survey serves as the alternate means of consultation for those who were unable to attend the event. For more information regarding the 6 Actions and 10 Transformational Projects please review the draft Downtown Master Plan, it can be viewed at;

Further information on the draft Downtown Master Plan can be found here.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding the survey link to family, friends and co-workers.

**If you are in need of assistance please contact us via email at: or call us at: 519-661-4980





How We . . .

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Did We Hear You Right?

Discussion papers have been prepared for ReThink London’s key directions. These eight directions will be the basis for the policies in the new Official Plan. We’d like to check back in with you, the community, to hear if you think that we got it right!

Click below to download and read the overview paper “ReThinking London” and check back for the series of discussion papers that will be “rolled out” over the month of May. 

Overview Paper - ReThinking London

We Want Your Input!

Take a look and give us your input! We want you to tell us how important each of these key directions is to London’s future. Click on the available links below to take you to our feedback page.

In addition, copies of the discussion papers will be available for viewing at the Planning Division at 206 Dundas Street, Development Services on the 6th Floor of City Hall, and the reference desk at the Central Library and library branch locations.

You can also email, mail, call in, or fax your comments to:


ReThink London
c/o City of London Planning Division
P.O. Box 5035
London, ON  N6A 4L9

Tel: 519-661-4980

Fax: 519-661-5397

ReThink Values, Vision, and Directions

On August 26, 2013, the feedback from the ReThink discussion papers were presented to the Strategic Priorities & Policy Committee (SPCC).  Click the links below to review the engagement results so far!